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    Wlcome to Jiaozuo Feihong Safety Glass Co., Ltd. Website!



      Jiaozuo Feihong Safety Glass Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, specializing in art glass and special household appliances glass. It covers an area of more than 270,000㎡ and produce 20 million square meters of safety glass for all kinds of high, medium household appliances in one year.

      Main products include: refrigerator tempered glass shelf, oven door, microwave oven door glass and control panel, washing machine cover glass, decorative safety glass refrigerator door panel, energy-saving Low-E glass, etc.

      Main Customers: We have established a strategic partner relationship with the top 3 white household appliances in the world: Global Electrolux, Whirlpool, Bosch Siemens. We are the only supplier selected by the 4 household appliance international customers (Electrolux, Whirlpool, Siemens, American GE) at the same time. We also have cooperated with Haier and Xinfei for more than 10 years. We help customers export their products to United States, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand and other countries.

      Since its establishment, the company has paid close attention to internal management, adhered to independent innovation, and focused on product quality. It began to implement the construction of ISO9001 quality management system from a high starting point. In September 2003, it was certified by international Moody’s Corporation. In October 2005, it was certified by ISO14001 environmental system. All management work was in line with international standards and continuously improved, which ensured the product quality to meet the standards, stability and customer requirements, and enhanced the competitiveness of domestic and international markets.

      The company has strong R&D capabilities for new products, and has established long-term cooperative relations with state authorities and institutions of higher learning. It has obtained more than 30 awards for scientific and technological achievements, product patent certificates and 3 invention patents. The company has been awarded "National Advanced Quality Management Standard Unit", "Provincial Quality Trusted Enterprise", and “Provincial Advanced Enterprise of Science and Technology Progress", "Provincial High-tech Enterprise" for three consecutive years. In 2013, the company participated in the formulation of the national standard of "Colored Crystal Decorative Tempered Glass". In August 2014, it was named "AAA Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise". In the same year, it declared the national standard of "Oven Panel Printed Tempered Glass". At present, the National Standards Committee has accepted the project and drafted the standard, which improves the visibility of the enterprise, puts the company in the leading position of technology and guides the development of industry technology. In 2016 it was awarded as a "high-growth enterprise" and in 2016 it was awarded as a AlI-A enterprise", and in December 2018 he was awarded "Certificate of Assessment of Integrated Management System of Two Industries".

      After years of development, the company's product structure has been gradually transformed and upgraded, from the original low-end flat glass products, after injection glass -- glass panel - Microwave oven, oven door glass, has been transformed and upgraded to Low-E glass, smart refrigerator color glass and other high-end products, enhance the company's core competitiveness, so that economic and social benefits have been fully developed.

      Our company shoulders the mission of "providing world-class quality household appliances glass". With the vision of "achieving a hundred-year enterprise, win-win with employees and partners,we deepen reform, innovate, further integrate company resources, and return the trust of customers at home and abroad with high-quality products. We also warmly welcome people of from all over the world to visit, inspect and negotiate business cooperation.

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