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    Lu Zhangong, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, visited Feihong, Jiaozuo

    Release time:2020-11-11   Browse:582次

      Seize the opportunity to promote development and revitalize Feihong

      Lu Zhangong, Secretary of provincial Party committee, inspected Jiaozuo Feihong

      On December 2, 2010, Lu Zhangong, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, accompanied by Lu Guoxian, Secretary of Jiaozuo Municipal Party committee, sunlikun, mayor and dumingqian, Secretary of Wuzhi County Committee, inspected the new glass product production line of Jiaozuo Feihong Safety Glass Co., Ltd. in Wuzhi industrial cluster.

      During the visit, Wang xuewang, chairman of the board of directors, introduced the development of the company to Secretary Lu in recent years, and introduced to Secretary Lu several high-tech, low-carbon environmental protection and competitive core products of Feihong company, and upgraded and adjusted the product structure with investment of RMB 300 million, improved the modularization of the industrial chain of enterprise products and strengthened the competitiveness of the enterprise. Secretary Lu paid great attention to Feihong's development, and pointed out that Feihong company should seize the opportunity of the national "12th Five Year Plan" policy to support environmental protection and high-tech industries, adjust product structure and expand industrial chain, and make Feihong bigger and stronger. Then Vice President mabaoqing of Feihong company reported to Secretary Lu on the scientific and technological content, design capability and market prospect of the company's products. Secretary Lu was very pleased with the development of Feihong and asked Feihong company to accelerate the development of high-tech content and low-carbon environmental protection products. Lu Shuji has made a high evaluation of the quality, technical content and market prospect of our company during the investigation, and has a deep expectation for the development of Feihong company.

      Lu Shuji, before the inspection, held the hand of chairman Wang xuewang, and made a very important instruction to the development of Feihong company: it is required that Feihong company further release its thoughts and grasp the bull nose of economic development in the 12th Five Year Plan, not only to do better in the product midstream, but also to work hard on extending the industrial chain to strive to make Feihong company bigger and stronger and faster We will grow up to be a first-class glass professional enterprise and make greater contributions to the realization of the 12th Five Year Plan.

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