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    Fridge Door Panel

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  • Title:UMI Refrigerator Glass Door Panel
  • Material:Tempered Glass
  • Thickness:3-6mm
  • Min:50*300mm
  • Max:2770*3660mm
  • Packaging:solid wood case which are suitable for sea and land transportation.
  • Capacity:8,000,000㎡ annually
  • Application:Widely used on refrigerator door, oven door, dish-washing door and other home appliance glass panel
  • Product introduction:

          With the three-dimensional UV micro imprinting technology, the refrigerator glass panel is full of art and visual reality. It can not only be simple and graceful, but also fashionable and modern to meet the needs of different consumers. The excellent quality and outstanding creativity of designers make the appearance more unique and novel, and the design is more diversified. 

          The most significant features are: it feels flat, but it looks three-dimensional. There is a prominent prospect and deep background, realistic scenery, endowed with pure natural and beautiful three-dimensional lines and patterns. It Is the latest and most characteristic of a product surface decoration process, and it is the most gorgeous turning of glass pane!


    1.  The shelf glass adopts glass as raw material, has the characteristics of aging resistance, friction resistance, scratch resistance and so on; 

    2. It has the unique gloss appearance. UMI empered glass generally has more than 91% visible light transmittance, with crystal like quality. Modern home decoration pays more and more attention to the sense of design. The home appliances made of toughened glass can improve the overall aesthetic feeling of home.

     3. It avoids the erosion of acid, alkali, salt, solvent and other gases or liquids to play a good role.

      Specifications processed:

      Thickness: 3.2mm/4mm/5mm/6mm


          Various patterns available:

          1)       Small Stainless steel brushed pattern:

          2)       Stainless steel brushed pattern like snowflake

          3)       Three-dimensional effect:  

          4)       Semitransparent frosted glass    

          5)       Wood-grainy pearl white 


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