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    Fridge Glass Shelves

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  • Title:Refrigerator glass shelf
  • Material:Tempered glass/plastic profile
  • Thickness:3-6mm
  • Min:50*300mm
  • Max:2770*3660mm
  • Packaging:solid wood case which are suitable for sea and land transportation.
  • Capacity:8,000,000㎡ annually
  • Application:Widely used on oven door, microwave door, dish-washing door and other home appliance glass parts.
  • Product introduction:

      The vast majority of shelf glass is used for household appliances inside the need for items, such as refrigerator shelves, freezer shelves and so on. Widely used in residential, restaurants, guesthouses, office buildings, supermarkets and other occasions.


      1. The shelf glass adopts glass as raw material, has the characteristics of aging resistance, friction resistance, scratch resistance and so on; 

      2. It avoids the erosion of acid, alkali, salt, solvent and other gases or liquids to play a good role.

      Specifications processed:

      Thickness: 3.2mm/4mm/5mm/6mm



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